Sonntag, 25. September 2011

No updates?

It definitely isn't new that it takes me a while to update this blog, but this time I actually have a reason for it!
I decided to move everything to wordpress!

It will take me a while before I have moved all the posts over to my new site, but once I'm done I'll give you a link to my new blog!

At first I thought about only posting all my new cards on the wordpress blog and leave a link to this blog here, but if I make a postcard blog I want to do it right and have it feature ALL my received postcards and not just a few. With the hundreds of cards that i received so far it really takes some time to post them all especially since I don't want to do so many bulk posts like I did for this blog here.

So look forward to a much nicer blog on wordpress!

Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Sent by: Iris

These two postcards were sent by Iris showing the places she went to for summer vacation. I really like the views of costal towns in Greece and looking at them makes me want to go their for my own vacation :D
Though from these two cards my favourite is actually the one from Chora.

I don't know if you'll see this or not, but Iris I tried to contact you via postcrossing, but haven't heard back from you yet. It would be great if you could check your mails and reply to me!

Samstag, 10. September 2011

Postcard pals

I'm currently looking for new postcard pals!
To me it is a lot of fun to get to know someone through postcards, to read about someone's day and to see and read where they went to. I also enjoy to send cards that I think are special or cards from the places I've been to.

I'm looking for peopel from all around the world, don't care about your age or gender and am very open minded.

If you are also looking for a long term postcard pal and would love to get to know me why not contact me? :)

You can also contact me via postcrossing if you want: LittlePuffin

Surprise postcard from Kelley!

This card was a real surprise! It is from Kelley, the same person who sent mea Civil War as an official :)
She noticed that I like USA state map cards and that I was still missin one from Massachusetts, the state she lives in. I already loved her first card and then I received another wonderful card!

Sometimes I enjoy sending extras together with my official cards (stamps or sometimes even more than just one card), but this is the first time I received extras on the official site myself. I decided that I would send her something in return - hope my cards will arrive safely! :D

Private Swap!

This postcard made me SO happy! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in someone's gallery on postcrossing. After looking at the profile of the sender I saw that she was interested in private swaps so I just had to ask her if she could get a copy of that card for me. She told me she would look for it and then after some weeks I found this lovely card in my mailbox!

I'm usually not a fan of cards with kids or local people, but the boy on this card really is cute and I really like the colors on the card (so yellow!).

A postcard that made my day!

Portugal for myself!

Just like the one from Italy I posted earlier, this card was bought by myself in a second-hand store. I really liked the motive so I kept it for myself :)

Italy for myself

I found a stack of old postcard in a second-hand shop and decided to buy some for swapping with others, but in the end I liked this card so much that I decided to keep it for myself :)
It is a card from Italy.